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Deep in the timber Forest, 40cm x 50 cm, Gouache

Dimitrios Diamantis

   foto_ dimitrios_diamantis_web.jpg


Dimitrios Diamantis was born in Argos, Peloponese, one of the most ancient towns in Europe

His special abilities found a way to express through painting since he was 17 years old.

In the same time, he was writing novels, short stories and poems.

As an adult he is trading conducting his talent in Montreal Fast Print ( Canada ) and then in the subsidiary of the company in Spartanburg, South Carolina ( U.S.A )

He was responsible for the design of the textiles and the only operator of the screen departement.

He took an elevation as a specialist in design reproduction, and finally become the supervisor of the whole production.

Nowadays , in his retirement, he lives between Greece, U.S.A and Italy and he is still expressing his initiate talent in painting and literature, as he is a prizewinner several times.