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Yang Xiaojian

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Award and Prize Part

  • 1985 National Contest of Youth Diary" of the International Youth Year, Second Prize, Changsha
  • 1987 National Contest for Youth on Pen Calligraphy, Special Prize, Beijing
  • 1986 Title of "Successful Self-taught Workers in Taiyuan", Awarded by Taiyuan Labour Union, Taiyuan
  • 1988 Yellow River International Contest for Poem, Calligraphy, Paintings and Imprints, Yellow River Beilin (Stele Forest) Prize, Zhengzhou
  • 1989 Calligraphy Contest, First National Pen Calligraphy Contest at Levels of Province, City and Municipality, First Prize, Beijing
  • 1989 Shusheng (Master of Calligraphy) Cup for International, Third Prize, Linxin
  • 1990 Tianya Cup International Calligraphy Contest, Gold Prize, Sanya
  • 1990 Creation Exhibition for the 5th Anniversary of China Painting and Calligraphy Correspondence University and the Graduates of 1987, Prize for Excellent Work, Beijing
  • 1991 The Second Tournament of International Cultural Exchange-Kele Cup Calligraphy, Third Prize, Beijing
  • 1993 Honour of International Cultural Exchange, Beijing
  • 2003 First Exhibition for Young and Mid-aged Calligrapher's Works in Shanxi, First Prize, Taiyuan